It’s new.  It’s innovative.  It’s taking beaches by storm.  It’s THE must-have skimboard product for kids.  It’s the SurfSkimmer.

This summer is the perfect time for families to connect at the beach, get kids moving and introduce action sports to those who have always wanted to shred like their idols!

D6 Sports introduces the SurfSkimmer, an innovative skimboarding product that’s perfect for an entry-level water sports fan.  Offering kids a hands-on skimboard experience that is both fun and safe, the SurfSkimmer is designed with gripper technology, a stable handle and sleek design allowing the board to glide effortlessly over the white wash giving kids the opportunity to experiment and excel in skimboarding within minutes on the water.


The handle easily comes off so each board has the ability to act as a traditional skimboard.  The 2-in-1 functionality allows for easy learning and advanced maneuvers.  While moms and dads are out in the water enjoying the waves, and the big kids are crushing it on their own skimboard, now the little guys and girls can join in on the family fun in a safe way.

Join the craze, grab your SurfSkimmer and head to the beach!